Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creamy Baked Mac n Cheese

Yup.  Winter.

Cold, damp, snowy winter.  And unless you ski (we don't) or snowboard (we tried) or snowshoe (not yet) - the cold days tend to lend themselves to making good, home-cooked comfort foods.

I'm surprised I'm not 700 pounds.  Good genes, I suppose.

And on the make this time was a nice, creamy mac n cheese that sticks to your ribs and has left-over qualities that go beyond just finishing off what's in the fridge to save from tossing them!

So, grab some noodles, grab some cheese.  And if you're like me - grab some friends to share this wonderful meal with!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spicy Prawns

Gosh - the first REAL post of the New Year!  And it's only taken me 26 days, 20 hours and some-minutes.  Whew!  I have recipes to share, I really do!  It's finding the time to share them that's hard to come by!

Winter is upon us here in our small town.  Snow is falling here and there, although not nearly as much as last year (thankfully).  And we've made it past our cold snap that always arrives in the middle of January.  Right when a toboggan party would work GREAT for Biggie Wiggie on her birthday.

And so, huddled by the fire, we're on the downhill slide into what one would call spring.  If only!!  Because once the snow starts to melt and making a left hand turn is easy (if you've ever seen the snow plowed into the middle of the road first thing in the morning you'll know what I mean) we always get one.last.dump.

Mr. Hungry and I love to share a treat when the kids go to bed.  No, not THAT kind of treat.  A snack.  One that tastes great and it easy to make while sugar plums dance in the wee one's minds.  And this time, we decided that some prawns would be good!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Cake Sale of All Cake Sales!

So, some of you may know that I'm on the Crime Stoppers board here in town.  I'm the Vice President and the Secretary. 

I wear both hats proudly as I think it's a worthy endeavor and worth the time.  And every year we host the No Host Bazaar.  Yes, sounds strange to me too, hosting a No Host.

But, it's fun and there are always loads of vendors sharing their wares and it's at a perfect time to get some holiday gifts!

This year, we each took on our own personal fund raiser, to raise funds for operating our non-profit organization that works to give people an anonymous means through which to report crime.  And sometimes get a reward too!

So, my fundraiser was all about cooking.  Baking, more specifically.  You know me - party planned and COOKING is all I can think about!

Is it Too Late for Halloween?

Papa keeping all the Minions in line.

Easy to do when you've got
a knife in your hands!
OK.  I make plans.  I tend to follow through. 

Honest.  If I say I'm going to be there, I will be there.  Barring a horrible, unforeseen event. 

Or kids stuff.  I always put the kids first.

So, my intentions were to post our Halloween Pumpkins way-long ago. 

On Halloween, actually. 

But life kinda-sorta got away from me and it was not until today, when I downloaded my iPhone, that I realized that my photos from way-long ago were still on there.

Oops.  See - totally slipped my ever loving mind!

So, I'm sitting here now putting these photos on my blog and feeling a bit strange about it.

Halloween at nearly Christmas it is.